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Artificial intelligence ensures the completion of your projects on time.
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Forget outdated, passive time management systems. Meet the Virtual Project Assistant. It is fully autonomous. Create projects and tasks, and the Assistant plans the fastest way to complete them most effectively. Leave robotic work to artificial intelligence. Experience work-life balance in action.


I listen to your needs


The shortest way to meet the set goals. Like car navigation. 365/24/7.


Status of all projects, costs, and workload of teams. Clearly and in real time.


Artificial intelligence prioritizes concerning all projects, bottlenecks, and deadlines.


Allocation of tasks according to workload and competencies. You decide whether you accept orders or hire people.


The number of projects does not matter. The assistant keeps all costs low.


Coordination takes place online. Meetings belong to creative topics and development.

Working hours

The workload is based on individual working hours. Full-time or part-time doesn’t matter anymore.


Allocation of tasks according to workload and competencies. You decide whether you accept orders or hire people.

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Artificial intelligence
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Time savings
Cost savings
+2.6 hours a day
50 min
on prioritization
1 hour
Saving on communication
45 min
Savings on reporting
APUtime Virtual assistant

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How many employees do you have?

Employees complete their to-do lists. They can create tasks for projects they work on.

How many managers manage them?

Managers create projects, processes, and tasks. They monitor work progress and workload.

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We decided on ApuTime after nine months of testing all available time management tools. Given the amount of work we need to do in a relatively small team of people, the organization took up too much of our capacity. ApuTime immediately reschedules everyone's activities in the event of any change. Every morning we have a list of tasks sorted by the priority. It really saves a lot of time and energy. The approach of the people from ApuTime, who were ready to think with us about the ideal use of ApuTime in our field, was also beneficial.
We don't have problems with employee's efficiency - in this aspect, many ordinary commercial companies could probably envy us. We are currently working on our ability to react sharp and quickly to the ongoing ever-changing situation. In our opinion, the primary motivation for process automation and time management with AI is growing fatigue and fear of burnout of the key employees.
In 2020, Prezza went through complete transformation. APUtime has become an important part of it. We have defined and continue to maintain all processes - from recruiting, to the managment of campaigns. APU allows us to grow quickly and efficiently.
We usually manage up to 30 projects at a time. Five to ten of our specialists work on each of them. We have a huge responsibility. Thanks to APUtime, we are aware of all the changes at all the times: what is completed, deadlines, delays, resources. We've done it before, but now it costs much less.
People from the business world are used to electronic communication and using their own systems. An attorney is therefore automatically expected to be available in a digital form as well, anytime, anywhere.
Thanks to APU, we can clearly, graphically map the processes in our institution and create a process bank. In cooperation with a qualified consultant, we gained a comprehensive idea of ​​how all processes are interconnected, how they can be optimized, or adapted to the needs and operation of the faculty. It allows us to manage the entire organization and always in an optimal way.
ApuTime is more than just a project management tool. It’s an intuitive way to run a business.
I do my job well, so I am not ashamed of it. APUtime with Raynet form the perfect digital background for the work I provide to my clients. Paper notes belong to the past!
People cannot work full-time for more than 12 hours a day, not in the long term. They are tired, they cannot pay attention, and the quality of work rapidly decreases. We need to make their time at work more efficient so that they can do what needs to be done during normal working hours and then have some rest.
While in production processes it is quite common to describe and quantify losses, with time losses in technician’s and manager’s work it is different. They don't know much about working with those companies yet. After deploying APU, you can see exactly who is really working and who gets carried. Managers will be happy with perfect efficiency monitoring but some employees will have to reconsider their workload.