Case studies

APUtime reduces time and Martin streamlines management

The construction of photovoltaic power plants is no walk in the park, at least not in the Czech Republic. The extremely demanding administrative process requires 35 partial steps carried out with perfect continuity.
People cannot work full-time for more than 12 hours a day, not in the long term. They are tired, they cannot pay attention, and the quality of work rapidly decreases. We need to make their time at work more efficient so that they can do what needs to be done during normal working hours and then have some rest.

Before implementation

The construction of photovoltaic power plants is no walk in the park, at least not in the Czech Republic. The extremely demanding administrative process requires 35 partial steps carried out with perfect continuity. Because of this, the processing of one contract/project (power plant) does not take 7 days (technical complexity), but up to 5 months. The combination of impatient investors, careful clerks and the effort to finish everything before the original deadline holds a great potential for complications. A small error or momentary inattention can have deep and unpleasant consequences.

Martin was looking for a tool that would be able to keep track of all work in progress, other follow-up steps, and the process of their solution. It was clear that adding more work to already overburdened employees in the form of assignments and more complex reporting would bring legitimate protests and further productivity losses.

Therefore, the possibility of employing a new qualified member of the team - a project manager – has been considered. The estimated volume of work indicated the need of a part-time or a full-time job for a person with a specific qualification. It would be hard to find the right manager, as well as for the manager to get familiar with company processes, and then there was of course the possible risk of the manager’s failure. The total cost of such a position did not match the required final effect.

With APUtime

Instead of a real project manager, Martin decided to try the APU - Virtual Project Manager. It creates individual work schedules for employees while taking into account the priorities of the entire company. It assigns individual tasks to people so that their working hours are fully utilized, there are no downtimes and no delays (the period of waiting for the approval of documentation on one project can be used differently and effectively).

It constantly monitors the status of projects and changes in their processing. And it adjusts every new input according to the plan.

Streamline processes
Less meetings
Perfect overview

APUtime reduces time and Martin streamlines management


  • ‍Discussing the feasibility of the project with the client
  • The customer approves solution best suited to his/her requirements
  • Work on the project begins immediately
    SOLARplan system handles the entire administrative agenda of the project. 
  • Systematization of inputs
    Uploading the new project with relevant documents (approx. 30 documents) on the Cloud 
  • Entering a new order in the CRM
    Simultaneously with this step, a project in ApuTime is created. 
  • Division of stages of the project (contract)
    Once APU takes over the project, it divides it according to the predefined process diagram that Martin had taught it into individual tasks with expected completion dates. 
  • Assignment of tasks
    APU maps the current schedule of employees and, based on their free capacities and the type of activities they are to be engaged in in the coming weeks, it creates the work schedule and assigns the tasks. The plan is not affected by the completion of tasks from other projects.
  • Response to changes
    If a task is delayed, APU runs this information with the follow-up steps in the project and adjusts the tasks for each employee within a few seconds. This is important because everything still gets done during working hours.
  • Checkpoints
    The employee responsible for the entire project oversees its progress. APU continuously reports to him/her the agreed upon information in the periodicity he/she has defined.
  • Administrative
    Ordinary daily activities do not take up as much time as before, the agenda is simple and comprehensible for everyone.


  • APU is all about fluency: once a task in the project line is completed, Sally automatically activates the following steps - assigning work to an adequate employee who has free working capacity. She informs him in time and monitors the completion of work.
  • The owner (or a project manager) knows how the company works and can change processes. Any change will be reflected in Apu's schedule within a few seconds.
  • Routine daily administration takes a fraction of the time and energy of what it used to, and th related agenda is simple.
  • Team members do not have to see or call each other to find out the real current status of the project. They are informed about the changes immediately. 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. They don't have to remember useless things or write too long to-do lists.
  • Shared resources are available for everybody and exactly when needed.
  • The period of frustration and fatigue-caused errors has ended. The only employee who still works overtime is the APU.
  • Work-life balance is no longer an unachievable goal, but finally a reality and importantly, we have not achieved this through a reduction in turnover or profit. This was possible because of the deployment of AI technologies. If it's true that every APU is constantly learning from all the projects, we can only imagine how its potential will change our business in the future.


  • CRM Raynet
  • Google Calendar / Outlook Calendar
  • Google Drive / Onedrive / Dropbox