Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) in the form of an autonomous Virtual Project Assistant ensures the optimization of the plan and thus guarantees the smooth completion of projects on time.

As reliable as car navigation, it plans the fastest route. It responds to obstacles or changes by recalculating and updating the estimated time needed to reach the goal.

All you have to do is create tasks, set a deadline by which the work should be completed, and the Virtual Project Assistant takes care of everything else.It can handle complicated calculations easily. Its work begins where the limits of human ability ends.

Even a seasoned manager cannot analyze and recalculate hundreds of thousands of plan variants in milliseconds to months ahead and find the ideal path to the goal. The assistant assigns tasks to available colleagues with required competencies; reminds, reports, informs about any changes or completion and provides a complete overview of the states of individual projects.

It does not overload employees and simultaneously makes full use of their free capacity. It prioritizes tasks so that work can be completed in the shortest possible time. It quickly adapts to the company environment and is constantly improving.

The mission of the Virtual Project Assistant is not to replace human work. It is to relieve everyone of routine work they do not like to do or takes too much time which could be invested into more creative activities.

Process Mapping in ProjectFormation™

ProjectFormation ™ completely eliminates the worries with the continuity of tasks. Just specify what and in what order to take place. The Virtual Project Assistant prevents the “Submit Report” task from being included in the schedule before the “Create Report” task.

Process mapping in ProjectFormation ™ according to BPMN standards is highly intuitive and fun. It will help you realize the sequence of activities and will often point out a mistake in the process before you even realize it.

What is the difference between a process and a project? The project can be, for example, the construction of a solar power plant, an autumn advertising campaign for dog raincoats, or the April delivery of new windows to a family house in Florida. It is a particular assignment of an event or order. You can set a start and end date for the project. Thanks to this, you can plan it precisely in advance.

A process is a sequence of specific activities that follow each other and often branch differently. Some processes are started by the project manager, others can be started automatically, for example by filling out a form on the website or delivering an invoice. One project often consists of several different processes.

Save the process that you expect to use more often, such as creating a newsletter, as a template. Next time, you can use it as a core and possibly adjust minor differences.


Gantt.AI™ is an improved Gantt chart. Almost as alive. You can see artificial intelligence coming to life right there.

Once the Virtual Project Assistant has compiled a work schedule, it provides each employee with an optimal daily work schedule and displays the tasks on the Gantt.AI timeline.

The project manager can see who works on what and for how long at any time. You can also view reports for the entire company, individual teams, projects, or individuals. When a change occurs (for example, when the user adds an appointment to their calendar), the assistant immediately adjusts the schedule. A seemingly small change often affects many other activities and solvers.

Alongside the intelligent schedule, the live Gantt chart represents a considerable saver of the time that would be needed for internal communication and operational meetings.

APUtime smart schedule

Smart schedule

Forget the traditional to-do list. Get rid of the decision paralysis with Smart Schedule. Stop worrying about what to do sooner and what to do later. Simply start with the first task in a row.

The Smart Schedule is a list of tasks sorted by the Virtual Project Assistant precisely in the order they need to be completed. While planning, the assistant respects bottlenecks, time resources, the workload of individual solvers, deadlines.

As soon as the slightest change occurs, it is immediately taken into account, the schedule is adjusted, and the project manager is informed if the deadline is compromised. The project manager then decides how to proceed – whether to increase the capacity of resources or to count on the delays.

Task solvers don’t have to think about what to do first. They are sure of doing the work which has the most significant impact on the quality and time delivery of the desired result.

Integrations with APUtime


Do you have a favorite CRM or ERP system? A communication tool you are using instead of e-mail? E-shop? An application for regular e-mail communication or a document management application? Do you want them to work with the Virtual Assistant? It’s easier than you may think.

ApuTime can be integrated with hundreds of other tools using Integromat. What does such a connection look like? An event in the CRM system, such as creating a new business case, triggers the necessary action on the part of ApuTime. We may create a new project called a client and choose a specific process from your process bank.

Thanks to the two-way communication, ApuTime can immediately send, for example, an e-mail to a particular user with information about the creation of the project and the need to contact the client.

Thanks to the integration, you do not have to transfer data manually between applications. You can set up the integration yourself or ask our specialists or partners.