Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Where the capacity of a human mind ends, Apu's work begins. Apu pushes the boundaries of human potential with quantum computations, as well as evolutionary and biologically inspired algorithms.

The human brain does not have enough capacity to make such complex decisions in minutes, let alone seconds, however Apu does, allowing people to focus on more important things.

Apu adapts very quickly to any company and is constantly learning. It will ensure the delivery of projects within the shortest possible deadline. It can create a schedule of work on all projects while respecting all the circumstances, dependencies, and risks.

Apu does not replace human work, but positively influences and accelerates its impact.


In order for Apu to be able to correctly evaluate the situation, respect deadlines and prioritize project tasks, it needs to know the processes of individual projects. A necessary condition is therefore to visualize processes into process maps with ProjectFormation™. Such a process has a specific course (flow chart).

Accurate progress is critical, so that the "Submit Report" task is not listed on the schedule before the "Create Report" task is completed. Process mapping follows the BPMN standard. Because of the ProjectFormation ™ technology, Apu is able to completely relieve a manager of worries related to assigning daily tasks.

Smart schedule

Forget the traditional to-do list! The Smart Schedule is a list of tasks created by Apu in the order in which they are to be completed. Apu respects not only the priority of tasks, as it uses process maps to understand the concept, but also the importance project deadlines. Thanks to quantum calculations, it is able to plan tasks for each employee individually.


Gantt.AI™ is an improved Gantt Diagram. Apu calculates the scenario of the optimal work schedule and displays the tasks to be completed on a well-arranged timeline - Gantt.AI™. In the diagram, the project manager sees exactly what is happening in the company and who is doing what and when. This saves time when it comes to internal communication, and it also means that there is no need for operational consultations.

Google / Outlook Calendar

In addition to tasks, Gantt.AI™ also processes scheduled meetings. If you schedule a work meeting in Google Calendar or Outlook Calendar, it will be automatically transferred to your daily schedule. Apu will then make this meeting a priority and will plan no other task for you at the time of your meeting.

Storage Dropbox, Google Drive, One Drive

You can easily link all the important documents you have in your repository to a certain task. This feature could come in handy during a selection process, for example. The HR specialist saves the applicant’s CV, the cover letter, and answers to the questions from the 1st round of the selection procedure. Another colleague from the HR department can then use these documents in the second round of the interview.

ApuTime App

ApuTime Virtual Project Assistant at hand, anytime, anywhere. You can also communicate with Apu outside the web. You can find it on Google Play and in the App Store.


With Integromat, Apu can integrate with hundreds of other tools, for example, with CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Raynet or Single Case.

If an event occurs - for example, a creation a new business case, the program accepts it, or modifies it, and forwards it to another application. This process takes place in both directions if the integration is two-way integration. Because of the integration, you don't have to transfer data manually between applications - the program does that for you.

Integration with Apu proceeds as follows: # 1 Consultation - # 2 Implementation - # 3 Testing - # 4 Integration launch.

Apu is able to do the work of a project manager in just a fraction of the time it would take the real manager to do so. But Apu's job is not to replace human labour. On the contrary, it makes work easier for managers, as it takes on the boring, routine, stereotypical, analytical and extremely time-consuming work the managers have to do, so they can pay attention to more humane activities – such as people management.