Google Calendar

When user manually enables the Google Calendar integration, the user also agrees with storing Google Calendar events within an ApuTime service. ApuTime stores all events connected with the user’s calendars to improve scheduling and time management. ApuTime may also store, create and update data in user’s calendars.

Google Drive Picker

Google Drive Picker allows the user to connect Google Drive sources with the sources in ApuTime. ApuTime does not read the content of the files and the files remain on Google Drive storage.

Google Directory Import

Allows administrator of the Google Directory to import team members to the ApuTime. This module reads all names and email addresses from the Google Directory. Use can select or deselect each user before import.

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We have succeeded in increasing the efficiency of many companies in the course of our company’s history. Martin Planka, CEO of SOLARplan, is one of these innovative entrepreneurs who wants to lead their business more effectively.
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“Thanks to ApuTime, our net incomes are growing steadily and we also have time and space dedicated to our relations with partners and personal growth.”
Martin Planka
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