Successful project management can often be a challenge even for an experienced manager. From the initial planning to the final implementation of projects, there are many difficulties that management must be able to cope with. It can be a big problem keeping us up all night or an issue that did not seem to be important at first. However, in most cases, these situations tend to recur.

Let's take a look at the most common pitfalls we face in project management:

1. Failure to meet deadlines

Difficulties in meeting deadlines are perhaps the most common problem in companies. We see it today and every day. Management wants to implement too many projects, but there is a shortage of employees who would manage to do their work on time and really well. Another reason, however, may be an overly optimistic estimate of the deadline, which cannot be met in reality.

2. Poor or insufficient communication

Communication is the key to success. In project management, this is the alpha and omega. Poor communication, incorrect or incomplete information can cause complications in the implementation of projects. This applies not only when communicating with top management or customers, but also when communicating with team members.

3. Human factor

Lack of interest of employees, uncoordinated team, interpersonal disputes, or low motivation influence the progress in the project. We may have skilled employees who do their job 100%, but sometimes project teams do not match and are not as productive (cannot cooperate efficiently) or have no original ideas. It is important that project members complement each other in anything and form a group that is stronger when being together than individually.  

4. Unclear specification of the project

What is actually to be achieved? A poorly determined goal can thwart the success of managing the project, no matter how good it may be. Unless we have a clear intention, we cannot expect to achieve the best result.

5. Bad project planning

The last risk in project management, that we selected, is bad project planning. If we badly plan how to deal with partial steps, we will hardly achieve a successful completion of the entire order. In this case, we should carry out regular checks and monitor all the steps of the procedure from start to finish.

What problems do you encounter in project management?