Process automation

Process automation

Establishing the most effective work flow for your company

How does it work?

Do you use a set of smart tools but wish it could help improve communication between your team? Look no further. All your favourite tools, including ApuTime, can be connected together, allowing for seamless and automatic communication between all elements of a project. Automation saves you time and gives you space to concentrate on more important matters, such as developing your business.

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Process automation

Integrating automation into your company

Our team of consultants will gladly make an appointment with you, do an analysis, find out which tools you are currently using, map your processes and present you with their solution for optimizing your business model.

Additional services

Online process optimization consulting $89 / hourVAT excl.
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Personal process optimization consulting$129 / hour VAT excl.
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BPMN process mapping according to ISO/IEC 19510:2013 $699 / dayVAT excl.
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Streamline your workflow and organization

Optimize your processes and save millions of dollars
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We are changing the world

We have succeeded in increasing the efficiency of many companies in the course of our company’s history. Martin Planka, CEO of SOLARplan, is one of these innovative entrepreneurs who wants to lead their business more effectively.
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“Thanks to ApuTime, our net incomes are growing steadily and we also have time and space dedicated to our relations with partners and personal growth.”
Martin Planka
CEO of SOLARplan

Let’s have a look at ApuTime in practice

Starting with process mapping, using Gantt.AI™ to process management and immediate response to changes.

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How can ApuTime help your business?
What is unique about ApuTime?
How does the initial consultation work?
How is the onboarding and induction process being implemented?
What permissions do the project managers/users have?
Is it possible to change mapped processes?
What happens after I have mapped processes and the new order is placed?
What if someone is prevented from working on their task?
Can I get ApuTime for free?
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