InvestForum mediates the sale of companies
InvestForum mediates the sale of companies
ApuTime is more than just a project management tool. It's an intuitive way to run a business.
Ing. Petr Pavlita
CEO Invest Forum

Petr Pavlita is a seasoned marketing strategist. He claims that only 10 % of companies are ready to be sold successfully where the other 90 % need help. The process of preparation of company for sale entails dozens of small and large tasks, which must be completed in the right order. The results must be perfect and so much care must be taken to avoid any and all mistakes.


Whatever the reason for selling your business (health problems, generational shift, burnout syndrome or other sudden event), the key is to get the best price, and then prepare your company to be handed over to new management.

If the basis of the company's business model has a healthy core and if the company itself has a good competitive advantage, it can be presented as a suitable investment using process and marketing techniques. However, to transfer to a new owner, you must first depersonalize the business, and that is only possible through effective and efficient process management.


APUtime allows you to map existing and future contracts, their status and future development. It reveals gaps in the process management of projects and in the utilization of individual resources. The real financial yield of individual phases of projects, as well as entire contracts, is made more transparent, task assignment and control is fully automated and resource substitutability is efficiently resolved.

Professional documents, controllable in real time, can then be supplemented with a suitable marketing and PR strategy. As a result, the price of the company destined for sale can increase rapidly. It's worth it.


  1. Initial analysis of the processes and the situation in which the company finds itself
    Setting priorities. Analysis. Identification of critical know-how and competitive advantages… and other professional consultant’s services.
  2. Optimization of projects, processes
    Entering projects and processes into APUtime. Creating sample templates.
  3. Everyday work
    APU distributes, controls and reports partial parts of projects based on their priorities and context.
  • Further optimization of processes in most cases entails an increase in efficiency and reveals the development potential of the company, which is one of the key factors that any new owner is interested in when buying a company.
  • Even in an environment that is not well known to a consultant, APU can quickly identify process bottlenecks, point them out, and avoid overloading key resources. It answers the question: How many projects can our company and the existing team still take on so that employees can perform in an optimal manner?
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