Daniel Mozga provides entrepreneurs and households with private audit and finance management.
Daniel Mozga provides entrepreneurs and households with private audit and finance management.
I do my job in a way so that I’m not ashamed of the results. APUtime in cooperation with Raynet creates a perfect digital background for working with clients. Paper notes belong to history.
Daniel Mozga
Financial Advisor

12 years ago, after a sports accident, Daniel’s insurance company paid him only half of what he was entitled to. But he didn't give up and eventually got the other half. When he told his colleagues and friends about this, he was surprised to find out that almost every one of them has been in a similar situation, in which they needed advice and help. From there he realized this would be a perfect opportunity to start his own company.


Success came shortly after. Daniel’s satisfied clients brought more and more new clients. As business cases increased, so did the demands on the organization of work and materials. Paper notes turned out to be an ineffective solution.


Digitization was an inevitable step. Deploying APUtime together with the Raynet CRM tool has proven to be an ideal solution for this type of business. Business case records, detailed planning, convenient monitoring of all activities and the online availability of all materials, including a mobile phone – all this has revolutionized the company. The result is a marked increase in work efficiency, elimination of errors and significantly greater customer satisfaction.

External services

  • CRM - Raynet
  • Google Calendar / Outlook
  • Google Drive / Onedrive / Dropbox


  1. Entering a new client into the Raynet CRM system (Daniel)
  2. Automatic assignment of a new project in APUtime (solved by APU, not Daniel)
  3. Creation of a work schedule.
    Within a few seconds, a schedule of work for the given project is generated, and the APU distributes tasks based on their priorities and free capacity to the employees.  
  4. Working on the project
    Employees are gradually assigned tasks from individual contracts that need to be completed. Priorities are assigned by the APU, which is overseen by Daniel. As soon as the employee confirms the completion of the task, the follow-up tasks are activated. Any complications that manifest are immediately pointed out, and thus can be resolved before they compound.
  5. Administrative
    All documents and notes - depending on the type and required availability - are part of the CRM system or APUtime. Daniel and his team can access them from anywhere. All they need is a mobile phone.

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