The law firm Hykel - Čajka - Hořínek represents clients in innovative and effective ways.
The law firm Hykel - Čajka - Hořínek represents clients in innovative and effective ways.
People from the business world are used to electronic communication and using their own systems. An attorney is therefore automatically expected to be available in a digital form as well, anytime, anywhere.
Martin Čajka
Lawyer / partner

The 3Advokáti company promotes not only the interests of its clients, but also the comprehensible and human form of the law itself. When solving cases, it looks for functional and effective scenarios. Thecompany is run in the same spirit: in a simple and comprehensible manner with maximum efficiency.


The founders of the law firm take full advantage of their competitive advantages - age, flexibility and knowledge of digital technologies. They created a permanently accessible, comfortable, but secure background in a virtual space and allowed their clients to communicate with them electronically wherever it was possible. However, speeding up and streamlining communication also brought increased demands on the organization of procedures. Especially in more complex cases, unnecessary problems arose, complicating their work.


APUtime offered exactly what they were looking for - a simple and logical optimization of the individual agenda. APU manages and monitors the progress of all legal cases. It assigns partial tasks to employees according to the priorities of the entire company, so no one has to think about what to start working on now and later. From the shared "to do list", it is clear what is being done and what needs to be addressed immediately, because the processing is halted. The incorporation of new team members is significantly faster and requires less input from superiors.

Napojení na externí služby

  • Single Case
  • Google Calendar / Outlook
  • Google Drive / Onedrive / Dropbox


1. Entering a new case in APUtime.To submit a project, lawyers can use project templates from previous cases, or use a visual tool to quickly suggest another procedure. The required completion date is entered, or the delayed start of the project, and the team that is to work on the project is determined. At all stages of the project, it is possible to comfortably add notes and attach documents, which reduces the need to memorize everything.

2. Creation of a work schedule.

Within a few seconds, a work schedule is ready and the APU distributes tasks according to their priorities and the free capacity of the required employees. Any conflicts, such as overloading of employees, collision of priority activities or unrealistic completion dates, are sent as notifications to the project contracting authority, thus enabling an immediate reaction.

3. Working on the project

Employees are assigned tasks that need to be completed for specific working days. After their completion, the follow-up tasks are activated immediately. Any complications manifest themselves immediately and can be resolved immediately.

4. Administrative

At the same time, the registration of documents in the SingleCase system takes place. The integration enables continuous and comfortable work with both tools.

  • The use of perfectly secured cloud technologies together with APUtime and Singlecase allows lawyers and their clients to be independent. They can connect and solve necessary tasks from anywhere, and whenever they need to. All necessary documents are permanently available.
  • Administration (tasking and reporting of finished work) takes just a fraction of the time and energy.
  • An even distribution of work prevents overloading of employees, which in turn causes increased error rates.
  • Perfect organization of tasks (division, sequence and continuity) eliminates unnecessary downtime.
  • Tasks are divided clearly and with prioritization for the entire company - there are no situations in which decision paralysis hinders more activities at once or priorities are incorrectly evaluated.
  • Unnecessary consultations on the status of projects and the division of further work are eliminated.
  • Handing over unfinished projects to colleagues before vacation or in case of illness is a matter of minutes.
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