The easiest way to boost team performance & meet project deadlines

ApuTime’s new AI powered platform allows project managers to coordinate with their teams and become more effective leaders.

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Project management without the frustration

Does this sound like you?

Blamed for missing deadline

With ApuTime you’ll be instantly connected in real-time to team members, and better able to stay on top of current projects. Take charge, and develop a management strategy to keep your colleagues in the loop and focused on the task at hand.

Already over budget

Running into unexpected costs can slow down a project and hinder productivity. ApuTime allows you to get up-to-date estimates from everyone involved, and opens up a forum to help you avoid misunderstandings and to find solutions to problems as they arise.

Communication is dead

Improve interpersonal communication within your team, connect with members, and keep your project moving smoothly. Clearly articulate your needs, and ensure that everyone is on the same page.

Lack of key data & reports

Keep your projects organized by giving members the opportunity to share reports and convey important metrics which are vital to the success of any business. You’ll never again have to worry about being taken off guard by new developments.

Lack of motivation or morale

Burnout can kill productivity, so ApuTime serves to bolster cooperation and sustain a spirit of comraderie in the workplace. Make sure you and your team feel heard, and learn to put the ‘fun‘ back in ‘functional‘.

Important info

You aren't the problem, you are just missing a key tool to be a great leader… It is a dream of every project manager to know two weeks before that the projects are going wrong.

We are on a mission to create more effective leaders

Will you be one of them?

Simplified visualization & layout

Task and subtask structures can be extremely complicated, so we’ve designed an all-in-one dashboard that allows you to easily visualize and assess relations at a glance. Avoid the hassle of sorting through complicated lists and graphs; our user-friendly layout makes navigation easier than ever.

Personalized AI algorithms

ApuTime creates secure and optimized solutions customized to your business, and our predictive algorithms work to free up time and resources by adapting to your preferences and letting you work in a way that feels comfortable and natural to you.

Quick solutions with no hassles

We’re committed to solving whatever problems our clients encounter, and have prepared countermeasures to account for individualized time intervals for team members, hour-to-cost-translations, and more.

Feedback to improve decisions

It’s important to know one’s strengths and weaknesses, and ApuTime streamlines the process of giving/receiving feedback by creating an avatar for each team member. Important data is collected automatically, allowing managers to intervene when there’s a problem.

We are changing the way people manage their teams and projects

We've randomly chosen some who did it.

We are software company with multiple continually running projects. Thanks to ApuTime we know how the projects are going. It is our favorite application and we are happy to be part of this project.

Martin Lonský

Aputime is our everyday tool in a leadership pipeline. It makes it easier for us to delegate and review the project. With this tool, we simply look after key moments in our work, which is reflected in the satisfaction of our clients.

Olda Sova

ApuTime helps us stay organized and focus on our work in a fun way. The time tracking feature is constantly improving our initial task guesstimations and it became part of our day to day work.

Michal Šimon

Lets make project management fun again


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