If you want to effectively manage your project,
you need to know everything there is to know about it.

  • AppInTime is a web-based application using modern trends & technology.
  • Main aim is to save time, energy and other assets of companies and freelancers.
  • Nothing slows you down, application reacts swiftly in a matter of tens of milliseconds. Don’t waste time waiting.
  • Integrations with external services provide essential functionality even to the most sophisticated IT teams.
  • Data are being further analyzed resulting in process-optimization suggestions.
  • We take a part of a load off the Project Managers’ backs by introducing easy-to-use tool for planning, managing & communication.
Team Management

Clean and effective human resources management.

Task distribution. Multiple task solvers, scheduling & time estimates.

Time Management

Work with time and its chunks. Measure the time spent & find its dependencies.

Watch your team’s assignments and change them on a timeline view.

Assignments & Chunks are being analyzed to help you plan better.

Coupling & Dependencies

Sometimes there is nothing else than dependencies. Task Coupling (linking) even from different projects reflects real business cases.

Dependencies can be projected into a diagram which may be used as a navigation.

Advanced Search

We keep all the important stuff nearby.

Find what you want with keywords, operators & fulltext.

History of changes

Every change on a task is being projected to its lifecycle.

Business Cases

Business Case Management. Projects Relations & Costings.

Keep your expenses and revenues under control.

We are a team of developers, analysts and Research & Development enthusiasts.

We blog and share our experience with others.

We create open-source projects for free and contribute to those we use.

Martin Lonský

ReactPHP dancer

I’m in charge of Business Logic. Any 'not so fast' server response is my responsibility. We care about your time – data should be served in a blink of an eye.

Tomáš Hýl

Angular2 monkey

I create User Interface. My responsibility is to improve your experience with ApuTime. Even complex application should be easy to control.

ApuTime. The future of Project Management.