Clients of personnel agencies, usually companies from the manufacturing industry, do not have the opportunity (or sufficient capacity of the personnel department) to cover the labor market across the region and find suitable employees. Therefore, they seek help from agencies that will greatly ease their burden in this area. In fact, they can provide a quality workforce, even in a matter of days! It seems simple, but what an ordinary person fails to see is that such an accomplishment requires a lot of effort and patience - both on the part of the agency's employees andon the part of the job seekers themselves.

What was the situation?

Organizational problems can arise in a recruitment agency if all orders are handled in inappropriate or outdated ways. This was the situation with one of our clients. Its employees used spreadsheets and online tools that lacked useful key features for easy process management. Internal communication took a long time. At meetings, management had a hard time determining project statuses and whether delays were occurring or where they were experiencing problems.

  1. The recruitment agency first received a draft contract to recruit 'X' new staff members and then had to decide if they had enough capacity to be able to complete the contract by the deadline.
  2. When the internal state of employees was evaluated by management and it was determined that there were resources and time to complete a project, the initial activities were greenlit. Let's say that these activities include several basic employee positions of a recruitment agency, such as:
  • The project manager who monitors the progress of the entire contract is responsible for its completion, coordinates work flow, and delegates  tasks
  • The marketing department which obtains contacting potential candidates, communicates with various platforms such as the employment office, job advertisements, etc.
  • A call center employee who personally conducts consultations / interviews / invites applicants to personal meetings
  • HR employees who are leading the interviews
  • A trainer

Each of the staff members has different competencies, skills and roles to perform during the execution of the contract. To complete the order, everyone must perform certain tasks that have a certain sequence - PROCESS. The problem occurred when one call center worker did not show up for work. It affected the whole contract because it suddenly seemed that the work would not be completed in time and the deadline had to be postponed.

How did ApuTime help?

This situation could easily have been prevented.

As already mentioned, contracts can be thought of in terms of PROCESSES. In ApuTime, we visualized these processes by drawing them into process maps in the right order of sequence. This helped with recruitment by narrowing down those candidates who fit the criteria for the job. Relevant people were then assigned to the partial tasks according to their competencies.

Thanks to the introduction of ApuTime functionalities, if the employee is unable to come to work and the task can’t be completed (for example, inviting candidates to an interview), the contract will not be suspended. Instead it will be delegated to another employee with the same competencies, who now sees it in their individual work schedule (all updated automatically by the application). This depends on how busy the employee is and whether or not other priority tasks have been assigned (meaning that it does not negatively affect the completion of other contracts). The project manager does not have to find out information or assemble meetings, but only looks into the application - in a matter of seconds they can see what everyone is working on or where issues are occurring. Artificial intelligence has already decided which task priorities in order to pursue all deadlines. The personnel agency is thus able to manage each individual order, even if it has dozens of them, because the project manager has a constant overview of their status.



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