It’s unreasonable to expect people to work more than 8, 10, 12 hours a day. There is only so much work to do. But it is possible to use that time more efficiently, so that the work will be done only in 8 hours instead of 12.
Martin Planka
Founder of SOLARplan

This was what Martin Plank, the CEO of SOLARplan conveyed to us. His goal is to make the most of the time he and his employees have so that both he and his investors will see the greatest returns. That can be done, can't it? Unfortunately the Czech industry of photovoltaic power plants has a complicated administration process - the contract usually requires up to 35 partial steps, which logically follow each other.


One of the issues that Martin came up against was waiting for permission from the authorities. As a result, a single contract (like the construction of a power plant) might take as long as 5 months, when it could conceivably be done in a week. What he required was some way to have an overview of all the processes involved, including which projects were being held up and what available tasks his employees were able to do.


The Virtual Project Manager Apu creates individual work schedules for employees, which follow the priorities of all projects. As a result, Martin was able to assign tasks and ensure his employees always had something to do and weren’t wasting time waiting around. For example, if an employee required approval for a document, the virtual project manager immediately assigns them to work on another project. Finding the best solutions automatically and relying on AI to organize the business flow meant that Martin could then focus on more important matters.

How does it work in SOLARplan?

  • the feasibility of the contract is discussed with the client
  • the customer chooses an option that meets their requirements
  • work on the project begins immediately
  • SOLARplan handles all the agendas for the client
  1. Uploading a new order with the relevant documents (approx. 30 documents) to the Cloud.
  2. A project with ApuTime is created via the CRM program.
  3. Apu automatically transforms the contract, according to the exact process diagram (process map), into individual tasks.
  4. The virtual project manager schedules a work plan for everyone. The plan contains the tasks employees have to work on, and also the tasks from other projects.
  5. Setting the delay time, task deadline and sorting in such an order that the sequence of the entire project is maintained.
  6. Control. The project manager only oversees who works on which, when and for how long.
  • Perfectly mapped contract.
    Management can adjust and adapt the steps at any time depending on the client's requirements.
  • All information in one place.
    Every member of the team has everything they need at hand. They don't have to go back and forth between each other for menial tasks or checkups or constantly monitor statuses to inform their own tasks – ApuTime offers a quick and concise overview of this 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Workflow.
    When a task is completed, ApuTime automatically shifts the work to the next person. Construction does not slow down unnecessarily.
  • Adaptability.
    The owner (or project manager) knows how the company works and can change processes. Any change will be reflected in ApuTime's schedule within seconds.
  • Streamlining work.
    ApuTime does not replace your employees. It is a multifunctional colleague who will increase the team's performance, freeing up time for other activities (training, new projects, etc.). 
  • Work is automated.
    Meaning that employees don’t have to waste mental energy figuring out how to organize their tasks to complete projects. In turn, the company experiences growth and employees feel like they’re in the loop and able to contribute effectively.
  • Clear administration.
    Daily routine activities can be completed more quickly and easily, and the agenda is clearer.

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We have succeeded in increasing the efficiency of many companies in the course of our company’s history. Martin Planka, CEO of SOLARplan, is one of these innovative entrepreneurs who wants to lead their business more effectively.
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“Thanks to ApuTime, our net incomes are growing steadily and we also have time and space dedicated to our relations with partners and personal growth.”
Martin Planka
CEO of SOLARplan

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Starting with process mapping, using Gantt.AI™ to process management and immediate response to changes.

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