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How it works

Thanks to an improvement of the Gantt diagram, Gantt.AI™ can automatically create an optimal work schedule and display the sequence of all the process steps on a clear timeline. With this automatic optimization everything is simplified, making day to day operations of both project managers and employees easy to understand and optimally streamlined thanks to an integrated agenda.

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How Gantt.AI™ can help your company

Gantt.AI™ uses the Gantt diagram which illustrates the course of a project’s development over time. Gantt.AI™ is also reinforced with an artificial intelligence feature which is able to display process steps for all your contracts. It also ensures that the individual activities of one solver do not collide with each other. Thanks to Gantt.AI™, ApuTime finds the best solution for all the contracts throughout the whole company, and takes over the difficult task of searching for an optimal path to finish contracts on time.

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We have succeeded in increasing the efficiency of many companies in the course of our company’s history. Martin Planka, CEO of SOLARplan, is one of these innovative entrepreneurs who wants to lead their business more effectively.
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“Thanks to ApuTime, our net incomes are growing steadily and we also have time and space dedicated to our relations with partners and personal growth.”
Martin Planka
CEO of SOLARplan
WCA Holding


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