Recommend ApuTime your friend/colleague and receive a financial reward from us.

For every new customer which you suggest, we will reward you with cash.

It works quite easy. After the first log in into our app, your unique code is generated automatically.The code can be found when you click on the dollar “$” symbol. You only need to copy it and then share it with your acquaintance. The reward will be sent to your bank account.

If you are not sure how many dollars you will be awarded, please try our reward calculator. Just insert the desired amount into the blank tab and see how many references you need to find to get this much money. You can set your goals and have your own personal motivation.

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For approximate calculation, we use the Enterprise package worth $990 / company / month.

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We have succeeded in increasing the efficiency of many companies in the course of our company’s history. Martin Planka, CEO of SOLARplan, is one of these innovative entrepreneurs who wants to lead their business more effectively.
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“Thanks to ApuTime, our net incomes are growing steadily and we also have time and space dedicated to our relations with partners and personal growth.”
Martin Planka
CEO of SOLARplan
WCA Holding


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How is the onboarding and induction process being implemented?
What if someone is prevented from working on their task?
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What happens after I have mapped processes and the new order is placed?
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